SCREW THE COW follows the lunatic world of moviemaking as both directors do what they must to capture their vision on film and then watch their work marketed, screened, festivaled, judged—critically, by audiences and finally by their peers via the ultimate prize: Oscar.

Along the tarnished road to grabbing the little gold god, lives will be altered, destroyed and reborn while careers will be made, broken, repaired and destroyed.

SCREW THE COW examines how far “artists” are willing to go to get their share of fame, fortune and power, what they are willing to sacrifice on their way and just how much of their soul they are willing to part with.

The idea began life as a play in 2004 (excerpts appeared in T2) and was recently updated and adapted into a screenplay. After a few readings the script is tight and ready to be brought to life. Many have said it would make a great series. Are you listening HBO? Showtime? AMC?

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