Immediately, following 3 CAINS was a well-received showcase of monologues and one acts titled, SCREAMS FROM THE COCKPIT which premiered at the Producer’s Club in June of 1996. All the work was written by, directed by and starred Cockpit Ensemble members including: Andrea Grano, Louise Barile, Joe Casapulla, Joe Capozzi, Jackie Jarosz, Gita Reddy, Michael Guzzo, Christy Schurmann, Michael Mamatz and Frank J. Avella.

Ms. Jarosz play, LAST CALL, which opened in September of 1996, would mark the Cockpit’s final show, before returning as the New Cockpit Ensemble.

In 1996 The Cockpit Ensemble  presented ‘Screams from the Cockpit’ at the Producers’ Club Theatre in New York City.


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