Robert (Brian Townes), a shaken and shattered gay man on the verge of suicide, takes us on a strange journey so we can understand how he reached such a precarious place. Along the way we meet his best friend Lily (Jessica Faller); his adulterous brother Hank (Michael Ciminera) who happens to be Lily’s fiance; and his frail, peculiar sister Lee (Kristi Caplinger). Robert seeks the advice of: his long dead Aunt Bonnie (Jeanine Tolve); Kristi (Jami Coogan), the town gossip and omnipresent know-it-all, Don (Christian Macchio), an ace reporter who Robert is having a fling with and, finally, octogenarian serial killer Monstrous Molly (Greta Thyssen). He also gleans guidance from Hollywood star-wannabe, Michael Sarrazin.

Along Robert’s voyage of self-discovery, he unearths startling truths and revelations about his lineage and experiences unthinkable betrayals within his trusted inner circle.

MICHAEL’s #1 FAN marked the group’s return as the NEW Cockpit Ensemble and bowed at the PC2 in November of 2000. The Village Voice called it: "funny and affectionate."

A 10th anniversary reading took place in NYC and featured three of the original cast members. The audience reaction was incredible. The play felt just as urgent and biting as when it was first written


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