Lexy (Jami Coogan) is a successful Park Avenue therapist whose sizzle-sexy significant other, Miriam (Guenia Lemos), leaves her to have a baby. Lexy’s friends, the bumbling Jag (Deborah Aaronson) and militant Alana (Jeanine Tolve), try their best to help her cope with the breakup.

Thanks to Jag, Lexy is reintroduced to Adam Potter (Michael Ciminera), an old acquaintance and current high school teacher. Adam’s star student, Scott (Art Goyette), age 16, is in desperate need of therapy. Lexy apprehensively agrees to treat Scott and develops a bond with the boy. Together they probe and ultimately unveil the shocking secret that has forced Scott to detach and delve deep into his dark side.

The audacious ending haunted, angered and frightened audience members.

After it's run, the author took his play and created two separate plays: LEXY, the comedy and LEXY, the tragedy. The latter focused mostly on Scott's troubles and the character of Alana was removed.

The comedy, on the other hand, became more farcical. A reading of the comedy took place a few years ago with Guenia Lemos and Jeanine Tolve originating their roles.

LEXY enjoyed a four-week, twenty eight performance engagement that began on February 27, 2002 at the Producers’ Club II Theatre in New York City.


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