LESS THAN SIX DEGREES began life as M4M, aka: the naked gay play, at the top of the millennium.

Over the years the play has undergone a few workshops and a slew of readings. Just last year, the author was finally happy with the results — despite the epic length of the nine-character play.

Frank wants to thank every actor (and there were many) who took part in these readings. Each and every one of you helped in making the play what it is today.

As an exercise, though, Frank decided to turn the work into two separate scripts, one leaning toward the dramatic side, the other more comedic.

The drama is now titled LESS THAN 2 DEGREES, has five characters, runs approximately 90 minutes and is quite disturbing. The comedy is still a work-in-progress.

Each incarnation is a provocative peek into the lives of Manhattan gay men; depicting the dangers, delusions and desires inherent in the quest to “connect” with someone in our tech-obsessed, speed-of-sound world. The play(s) tackle(s) the long-lasting effects sexual abuse can have on a person and how it can forever affect that person’s sexual and mental health. It also explores the lengths these guys will go to for companionship, the games they play in pursuit of sexual fulfillment and the consequences their choices sometimes have.

We hope to bring one of these three versions to the stage very soon.


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