IRIS hits Cincinnati - like a meteor!!!

When you dare enter the semi-surrealistic, farcical world of IRIS you expose yourself to normally taboo behavior as a way of life. The play challenges the notion of what defines a family and questions those who would judge others for who they choose to love.

Iris, age 25, is a child of artificial insemination and the play opens as she is about to have her very first encounter with her biological father, Nick, age 40. They meet. They chat. They spar. They kiss. They kiss? They kiss.

Confounded and confused by her attraction to Nick, Iris visits her ultra-unorthodox therapist, Hallie. They analyze. They assess. They shop. They decide NOT to make any immediate decisions. But…Iris’s headstrong nature and madcap imagination lead her to taking a taboo step that will change her already-lunatic life forever.

As the play unfolds we follow the development of a wholly unorthodox yet loving relationship. We also meet two new characters that impact Iris and her life in significant and unpredictable way. As the revelations mount, each character must come to terms with very personal and, in some cases, deeply repressed issues.

IRIS never shies away from pointedly provocative themes and never compromises it’s decidedly unconventional, but lovable gaggle of misfit characters.

IRIS was produced in the Spring of 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio by the Know Theatre Tribe and directed by maverick Jason Bruffy.

A NYC reading in March of 2010 featured the following cast: Iris - Elyse Beyer; Nick - Bill Schineller; Hallie - Liza Harris; Rick - Devon Talbott; Hyde - Joshua Dixon

The audience howled with laughter at this perfectly cast event.  Although the original one act version was a part of SCREAMS FROM THE COCKPIT, IRIS has yet to receive a NYC production. This needs to change. Soon.