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6 NEW Works Ready for Production!


VATICAN FALLS by Frank J. Avella

Posted  March 14, 2012

A Semi-Staged Reading to Benefit
Catholic Sex Abuse Survivors

Based on factual material until it takes a fictional turn, VATICAN FALLS is set against the backdrop of the Catholic sex abuse scandal and follows the life of one survivor who struggles to understand how those closest to him could damage him the deepest. The play dares to tell the truth about the scandal, following it as it first breaks in 2002, escalates to unconscionable proportions throughout the decade right up to the present...and beyond. This play was written for and is dedicated to Catholic sex abuse survivors. Proceeds will go directly to these brave men and women.

VATICAN FALLS was set to have its World Premiere in Rome, Italy last May -just a few kilometers from Vatican City -but was cancelled the night before opening amidst great controversy and claims of death threats. This is the NYC debut of the definite version of the play.

About the play click VATICAN FALLS

NEMESIS by Frank J. Avella

Posted January 3, 2012
Nemesis examines the all-consuming nature of revenge as one young girl makes it her mission to destroy a misanthropic gay writer by using an 18-year old boy as bait. The play blends harsh realism with black-comedy melodrama, revealing the humanity of its deeply damaged characters in unexpected ways and suggesting an atypical type of salvation.


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Exciting news!

LURED, a new play written by Frank J. Avella

The play explores the persecution of gays in Russia and has been selected to be part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City. The cast features: Cameron August, John Ball, Carlotta Brentan, Cali Gilman, Brian Patterson, Dave Stishan and Ian Whitt. The director is Rod Kaats.

Based on factual accounts and events, Lured focuses on one particular Russian hate group’s attack on a young gay man and the repercussions that follow. The play brutally depicts how these vigilantes lure and entrap LGBT people, humiliating and sometimes torturing them on camera. The timely piece deals with how hate is taught. Lured is for mature audiences.

Lured runs one hour. Scheduled performances: Sat., Sept. 10th & Sun., Sept. 11th at 2PM, Mon. Sept. 12th & Thurs., Sept. 15th at 6:30PM and Sun., Sept. 18th at 8PM (Closing Night.)

Please visit: for tickets and more info.

Use Code LURED15 for $15 tix