Haunted by their own inner demons as well as actual apparitions and phantasms that abound around them, each of our friends must deal with certain chilling realities about their respective lives. And some must confront more other-worldly issues. GREENER explores death, suicide and the concept of the afterlife in provocative fashion, eschewing the traditional Judeo-Christian teachings and opting for more controversial hypotheses.

The New Cockpit Ensemble produced Frank J. Avella’s THE BUBBLE, this past fall, at the Bank Street Theatre as well as MICHAEL’S #1 FAN, which the Village Voice called "funny, clever and affectionate," and has staged five other Manhattan productions (including LEXY).

The cast included Joe Pistone (Edward Burns’ THE GROOMSMEN and 10TH & WOLF with James Marsden), Patrick Allen, Lisa Marie Gargione, Wind Klaison, Nicholas Lazzaro, Nick Mathews, Jennifer Nehila & Justin D. Quackenbush. With Set & Lighting Design by Jody C. Ratti and Original Music by Joe Morse (THE PERSIANS, New York Times: "Inventive," "Brilliant")

Bank Street Theatre,

155 Bank Street, Greenwich Village, NYC

February 16th - 26th, 2006


A chilling play
by Frank J. Avella

A supernatural thriller set entirely in a cemetery, GREENER is about a group of friends who gather together on the eve of their 10-year high school reunion after one has committed suicide - an identical twin who's spirit is in a major state of unrest.


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