An edgy and hilarious journey into the mind of a determined playwright as he explores the creative process...bringing to life a host of crazy characters.

Quentin, a cocky director, is doing his damnedest to guide Zoe, a temperamental thespian, towards greatness in the stage melodrama, CIVIL WAR WHORE. No, wait! Quentin is really romancing the high-strung ingénue, Alice, in the TV musical version of the same play. Hold it! Quentin is actually about to get nasty with eager actor Steve in the porn version—Cut that!  Quentin is now bewitched by the Brasilian bombshell Fernanda who is busy seducing Lorenzo, the “bisexual with no character development…” Okay, stop! Really. Enter, The Writer, who keeps changing the script, the genre and even the medium he is writing in.

Act One of THE BUBBLE journeys into the mind of Phil, a determined playwright on the verge of a meltdown, as he gives mental birth to these crackpot characters that, eventually declare mutiny on him. Phil must quickly reevaluate his work, his process and a few personal issues.

In Act Two, the focus shifts to the rehearsal process where parallel characters are immersed in theatrical politics. The troupe includes: Fred, the dictatorial director; Lawrence, the dimwitted hottie; Xavier, the bombastic mandiva; Adam, the cheery costume designer; Callas, the directionally-impaired leading lady; Chloe, the Sapphic seductress and the Other Phil, who we, curiously, never see.

The work culminates in the play itself (Act Three) where we become privy to Phil’s family funneled through his own ‘dundercloddish’ version of who they are and autobiography and wish fulfillment run amok.

THE BUBBLE examines the creative process and explores the contents of one writer’s wacky head in an attempt to find meaning in his work and, perhaps, come to certain personal realizations.

THE BUBBLE opened at the Bank Street Theatre and ran September 27th through October 16th 2005. Audiences who got it, loved it.