November of 1995 saw FJA’s bold and insane farce, 3 CAINS, premiere at the Bank Street Theatre in NYC. Blending the real and and surreal, 3 CAINS explores what happens when a 35-year old writer has a mental breakdown and two past Cain incarnations-- ages of 25 and 15-- come out of theatrical air to help him cope and attempt to reconnect with reality. The ‘3 Cains’ were played by Matthew Mazzaroppi, Richard Freda and David Kachoui, respectively.

Andrea Grano made her Cockpit debut as Cain’s devoted but fed-up wife, Jen. Christy Schurmann portrayed Jen at 25 and Jackie Jarosz played her zany and annoying best friend, Pam. Rounding out the cast, as insane game show host/trial judge was Michael Mamatz.

3 CAINS was highly ambitious and audiences howled with laughter as the characters onstage breathlessly attempted to make sense of Cain’s deranged life.

The 3 CAINS script was updated in 2002 and again in 2010.
An epic reading earlier this year had the audience in stitches.

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3 cains 1995